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Marabou Boa - Lightweight

Marabou Boa - Lightweight

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2 Yard Boa / 15 Gram Weight

Introducing our Marabou Style #5, the perfect choice for those seeking an affordable boa without compromising on quality. Crafted from fine Turkey Feathers, this boa is meticulously hand-sewn and beautifully dyed in a stunning range of 30 vibrant colors.

The versatility of our Marabou Style #5 knows no bounds. Whether you're creating children's fashion, slippers, lingerie, puppets, hats, or even a Santa Claus costume, this boa is a fantastic addition. It also lends itself well to crafts and various decorative trimmings, allowing your creativity to soar.

Cutting and pasting this boa is a breeze, making it easy to incorporate into any desired project. Each boa is conveniently available in a standard two-yard length, with a minimum order requirement of 2 yards. Weighing approximately 9 grams and boasting a diameter of about one inch, this boa is lightweight and comfortable to wear.

Don't hold back—let your imagination run wild with our Marabou Style #5 boa. With its exceptional quality, affordable price, and limitless potential, this boa is the perfect choice for all your creative endeavors.

  • 2 Yard Piece
  • 15 Gram Weight
  • Apx. 2-3" Diameter
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