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Faux Vulture 15" and Up Imitation Egrets (Per Piece)
Our Price: $2.00
Our Price: $2.25
out of stock
Vulture Feathers Imitation Egrets (Per Piece)
Nandu (By the Dozen) 18"-24" Nandu (Per Piece) 18"-24"
Our Price: $24.00
Our Price: $2.25
Nandu Ostrich Feathers Ostrich Feathers Nandu
Ostrich Drabs Ostrich Plumes 08-18" (By the Dozen)
Our Price: $2.00
Our Price: $34.00
Ostrich Drabs Ostrich PLumes
Ostrich Plumes 08-18" (Per Piece) Ostrich Plumes 18-23" (By the Dozen)
Our Price: $3.00
Our Price: $54.00
Ostrich PLumes Ostrich Plumes
Ostrich Plumes 18-23" (Per Piece) Ostrich Plumes 23-28" (Per Piece)
Our Price: $5.00
Our Price: $8.00
Ostrich Plumes Feathers Ostrich PLumes
Ostrich Spads (By the Dozen) Ostrich Spads (Per Piece)
Our Price: $24.00
Our Price: $2.25
Ostrich Feathers Ostrich Feathers

Ostrich Feathers

Looking for elegant accent feathers? sells a variety of ostrich plumes in many different sizes and colors. We are proud to sell feathers from ostriches at the lowest possible prices.

The ostrich feather has a storied history and is one of the most luxurious feathers you will find anywhere. Since ancient times, ostrich feathers have symbolized truth. They add an accent of true beauty to any hat, mask or headpiece. Searching for exquisite details for a showgirl or flapper costume? Our ostrich feather plumes will add a glamorous flair to costumes and headdresses alike.

Planning a wedding? sells wholesale ostrich feathers that will add a unique look to table arrangements, bridal headpieces and fans! Add a touch of glamour to the traditional guest book by attaching an ostrich plume to a pen for wedding guests to use when signing it. features plumes and spads in a rainbow palette of over 40 colors, including neutrals as well as brights such as aqua blue, canary yellow and shocking pink. All of our plumes from ostriches are sold by the piece for your convenience. We sell a range of sizes, including 8-18 inches, 18-23 inches and 23-28 inches. Unsure of what size you need? Call and consult with one of our experienced customer service representatives. Our team has unmatched knowledge on all of our ostrich products. is proud to offer the highest quality feather products for discounted wholesale prices. We strive to price our products as low as possible so that everyone can enjoy the beauty and sophistication of ostrich plume feathers.