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PT25   Peacock Feather Tails 25-30
PTBL25-30   Peacock Feather Tails 25-30" Dark Bleached
PT30   Peacock Feather Tails 30-35"
PT35   Peacock Feather Tails 35-40
PTBL35-40   Peacock Feather Tails 35-40" Bleached(Check back end NOVEMBER)
PT40   Peacock Feather Tails 40-45"
PT45   Peacock Feather Tails 45-50"
PT50   Peacock Feather Tails 50-55"
PT55   Peacock Feather Tails 55-60"(Check back end April)
PTBD10-12   Peacock Feather Tails Bleached and Dyed 10-12"
PQ   Peacock Quills(Per Piece)
PTBD30-35   Peacock Tails Bleached and Dyed 30-35"
PTBD35-40   Peacock Tails Bleached and Dyed 35-40"
PTD30-35   Peacock Tails Dyed 30-35"
PTD35-40   Peacock Tails Dyed 35-40"
PTD40-45   Peacock Tails Dyed 40-45"
C   Pheasant Pad "C"
D   Pheasant Pad "D"(Check back early April)
F   Pheasant Pad "F"
H   Pheasant Pad "H"
I   Pheasant Pad "I"
K   Pheasant Pad "K"
M   Pheasant Pad "M"
N   Pheasant Pad "N"
O   Pheasant Pad "O"
P   Pheasant Pad "P"
950   Pheasant Plumage Boa
PM1   Placemat - Black & White Guinea/Reeves
PM2   Placemat - Natural Guinea/Almond
RD   Reeves Dyed 35-40" (Per Piece)
RE4-10   Reeves Pheasant Tails 04-10" (Per Piece)
RE10-16   Reeves Pheasant Tails 10-16" (Per Piece)
RE16-20   Reeves Pheasant Tails 16-20" (Per Piece)
RE20-30   Reeves Pheasant Tails 20-30" (Per Piece)
RE60+   Reeves Pheasant Tails 60+" (Per Piece)
603LFR   Saddle Fringe - Dyed
702L   Schlappen Boa - Black Iridescent (check back in JUNE)
703L   Schlappen Boa - Dyed
701L   Schlappen Boa - Natural Chinchilla(Check back later)
704L   Schlappen Boa - Solid Colors (Dyed)
703   Schlappen Boa Small - Dyed
702FR   Schlappen Fringe - Black Iridescent
703LFR   Schlappen Fringe - Dyed
704LFR   Schlappen Fringe - Solid Colors (Dyed)
703FR   Schlappen Fringe Small - Dyed
SI10-16   Silver Pheasant Tails 10-16" (Per Piece)
SI16-20   Silver Pheasant Tails 16-20" (Per Piece)
SI20-24   Silver Pheasant Tails 20-24" (Per Piece)
SI24-30   Silver Pheasant Tails 24-30" (Per Piece)
SI4-10   Silver Pheasant Tails 4-10" (Per Piece)
901FR   Strung Guinea Plumage Fringe
950FR   Strung Pheasant Almond Plumage (per 30")
953FR   Strung Pheasant Blue/Green HairyPlumage (per 30")
951FR   Strung Pheasant Golden Heart Plumage (per 30")
952FR   Strung Pheasant Red Heart Plumage (per 30")
92   Turkey Boa w/ Ostrich
TP   Turkey Plumage (By the Bag)
TP-lb   Turkey Plumage (By the Pound)
TQLB   Turkey Quills (By the Pound)
TQ   Turkey Quills (Per Piece)
TQ2LB   Turkey Quills Two-Tone (By the Pound)
TQ2   Turkey Quills Two-Tone (Per Piece)
90X   Turkey Ruff Boa Extra Heavyweight
90   Turkey Ruff Boa Heavyweight
90XL   Turkey Ruff Boa Oversized
91X   Turkey Ruff Boa Two-Tone Extra Heavyweight
91   Turkey Ruff Boa Two-Tone Heavyweight
91XL   Turkey Ruff Boa Two-Tone Oversized

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