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98DZ   Ostrich Plumes 08-18" (By the Dozen)
98PC   Ostrich Plumes 08-18" (Per Piece)
99DZ.   Ostrich Plumes 18-23" (By the Dozen)
99PC   Ostrich Plumes 18-23" (Per Piece)
100   Ostrich Plumes 23-28" (Per Piece)
97DZ   Ostrich Spads (By the Dozen)
97PC   Ostrich Spads (Per Piece)
PDER20   Parried Dyed English Ringneck Pheasant Tails 20" and UP
PNER20   Parried Natural English Ringneck Pheasant Tails 20" and UP
PEA1   Peacock Boa 6-8"
PEA3   Peacock Boa 6-8" w/ EYES
PEA2   Peacock Boa 8-10"
PEC   Peacock Earrings Cut
PEU   Peacock Earrings Uncut
PP4   Peacock Eye Pad
PP9   Peacock Eye Pad Bleached and Dyed
PP8   Peacock Eye Pad Uncut
PEAF   Peacock Feather Fringe 6-8"
PEAF1   Peacock Feather Fringe 8-10"
PS10-14   Peacock Feather Swords 10-14"
PS15-20   Peacock Feather Swords 15-20"
PS20-25   Peacock Feather Swords 20-25"
PS25-30   Peacock Feather Swords 25-30"
PS30-35   Peacock Feather Swords 30-35"
PT10   Peacock Feather Tails 10-12"
PTBL10-12   Peacock Feather Tails 10-12" Bleached
PT25   Peacock Feather Tails 25-30
PTBL25-30   Peacock Feather Tails 25-30" Dark Bleached
PT30   Peacock Feather Tails 30-35"
PTBL30-35   Peacock Feather Tails 30-35" Bleached
PT35   Peacock Feather Tails 35-40
PTBL35-40   Peacock Feather Tails 35-40" Bleached(Check back end NOVEMBER)
PT40   Peacock Feather Tails 40-45"
PT45   Peacock Feather Tails 45-50"
PT50   Peacock Feather Tails 50-55"
PT55   Peacock Feather Tails 55-60"(Check back end April)
PTBD10-12   Peacock Feather Tails Bleached and Dyed 10-12"
PP1   Peacock Pad Blue Hairy
PQ   Peacock Quills(Per Piece)
PTBD30-35   Peacock Tails Bleached and Dyed 30-35"
PTBD35-40   Peacock Tails Bleached and Dyed 35-40"
PTD30-35   Peacock Tails Dyed 30-35"
PTD35-40   Peacock Tails Dyed 35-40"
PTD40-45   Peacock Tails Dyed 40-45"
A   Pheasant Pad "A"
B1   Pheasant Pad "B1"
C   Pheasant Pad "C"
D   Pheasant Pad "D"(Check back early April)
F   Pheasant Pad "F"
H   Pheasant Pad "H"
I   Pheasant Pad "I"
K   Pheasant Pad "K"
M   Pheasant Pad "M"
N   Pheasant Pad "N"
O   Pheasant Pad "O"
P   Pheasant Pad "P"
950   Pheasant Plumage Boa
PM1   Placemat - Black & White Guinea/Reeves
PM2   Placemat - Natural Guinea/Almond
RD   Reeves Dyed 35-40" (Per Piece)
RE4-10   Reeves Pheasant Tails 04-10" (Per Piece)
RE10-16   Reeves Pheasant Tails 10-16" (Per Piece)
RE16-20   Reeves Pheasant Tails 16-20" (Per Piece)
RE20-30   Reeves Pheasant Tails 20-30" (Per Piece)
RE30-35   Reeves Pheasant Tails 30-35" (Per Piece)
RE35-40   Reeves Pheasant Tails 35-40" (Per Piece)
RE40-45   Reeves Pheasant Tails 40-45" (Per Piece)(Check back early January)
RE45-50   Reeves Pheasant Tails 45-50" (Per Piece)
RE50-55   Reeves Pheasant Tails 50-55" (Per Piece)
RE55-60   Reeves Pheasant Tails 55-60" (Per Piece)
RE60+   Reeves Pheasant Tails 60+" (Per Piece)
603LFR   Saddle Fringe - Dyed
702L   Schlappen Boa - Black Iridescent
703L   Schlappen Boa - Dyed
701L   Schlappen Boa - Natural Chinchilla(Check back later)
704L   Schlappen Boa - Solid Colors (Dyed)
703   Schlappen Boa Small - Dyed
702FR   Schlappen Fringe - Black Iridescent
703LFR   Schlappen Fringe - Dyed
704LFR   Schlappen Fringe - Solid Colors (Dyed)
703FR   Schlappen Fringe Small - Dyed
SI10-16   Silver Pheasant Tails 10-16" (Per Piece)
SI16-20   Silver Pheasant Tails 16-20" (Per Piece)
SI20-24   Silver Pheasant Tails 20-24" (Per Piece)
SI24-30   Silver Pheasant Tails 24-30" (Per Piece)
SI4-10   Silver Pheasant Tails 4-10" (Per Piece)
901FR   Strung Guinea Plumage Fringe
950FR   Strung Pheasant Almond Plumage (per 30")
953FR   Strung Pheasant Blue/Green HairyPlumage (per 30")
951FR   Strung Pheasant Golden Heart Plumage (per 30")
952FR   Strung Pheasant Red Heart Plumage (per 30")
82   Swan Boa
92   Turkey Boa w/ Ostrich
TPG   Turkey Petals with Guinea
TP   Turkey Plumage (By the Bag)
TP-lb   Turkey Plumage (By the Pound)
TQLB   Turkey Quills (By the Pound)
TQ   Turkey Quills (Per Piece)
TQ2LB   Turkey Quills Two-Tone (By the Pound)
TQ2   Turkey Quills Two-Tone (Per Piece)
90X   Turkey Ruff Boa Extra Heavyweight
90   Turkey Ruff Boa Heavyweight
89   Turkey Ruff Boa Lightweight
90XL   Turkey Ruff Boa Oversized
91X   Turkey Ruff Boa Two-Tone Extra Heavyweight
91   Turkey Ruff Boa Two-Tone Heavyweight
91XL   Turkey Ruff Boa Two-Tone Oversized

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