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BPS   Bleached Peacock Feather Swords 10-14"
BPS30-35   Bleached Peacock Swords 30-35"(Check back end NOVEMBER)
800   Burnt Coque Boa
BCB   Burnt Coque Bundle
BCF   Burnt Coque Fringe (10" Pieces)
BODZ   Burnt Ostrich (By the Dozen)
BO   Burnt Ostrich (Per Piece)
50   Chandelle Boa Heavy
55   Chandelle Boa Heavy Mixed Colors
51   Chandelle Boa Heavy Two-Tone
53   Chandelle Boa Heavy with Color Lurex
54   Chandelle Boa Heavy with Color Burnt Hackle
52   Chandelle Boa Heavy with Lurex
49   Chandelle Boa Lightweight
CC   Color Card
F1   Combination Pad F1
201   Coque Boa - Solid Color (Dyed)
201X   Coque Boa - Solid Color (Dyed)
201XL   Coque Boa - Solid Color (Dyed)
110   Coque Boa Black
110X   Coque Boa Black - Extra Large
110XL   Coque Boa Black - Oversized
110FR   Coque Dyed Black Iridescent 4-6"
110XFR   Coque Dyed Black Iridescent 6-8"
110XLFR   Coque Dyed Black Irridescent 8-10"
201FR   Coque Fringe - Solid Color (Dyed) 4-6"
201XFR   Coque Fringe - Solid Color (Dyed) 6-8"
201XLFR   Coque Fringe - Solid Color (Dyed) 8-10"
CO   Coque Pad
CS   Coque Sweeps
DAP   Dyed Almond Pheasant Pad
603L   Dyed Colors Saddle
DER20   Dyed English Ringneck Pheasant Tails 20" and UP
DG   Dyed Grouse Pheasant Pad
DGu   Dyed Guinea Pad
ER6   English Ringneck Pheasant Tails 06-08"
ER8   English Ringneck Pheasant Tails 08-10"
ER10   English Ringneck Pheasant Tails 10-12"
ER12   English Ringneck Pheasant Tails 12-14"
ER14   English Ringneck Pheasant Tails 14-16"
ER16   English Ringneck Pheasant Tails 16-18"
ER18   English Ringneck Pheasant Tails 18-20"
ER20   English Ringneck Pheasant Tails 20-22"
ER22   English Ringneck Pheasant Tails 22-24"
ER24   English Ringneck Pheasant Tails 24-26"
FV   Faux Vulture 15" and Up
FF01   Feather Flower
FF64   Feather Flower - Curly Lily
FF62   Feather Flower - Lantern Lily
FF67   Feather Flower - Lily Stamen
FF66   Feather Flower - New Lily
FF65   Feather Flower - New Mum
FF61   Feather Flower - Rose
FF68   Feather Flower - Spider Mum
FF00   Feather Flower - Tulip
FPIN   Full Pinwheel
D1   Golden and Blue Hairy Pheasant Combination
GPT   Golden Pheasant Tails - 20" & Up
GPTC   Golden Pheasant Tails - Centers 20" & Up
gprt   Golden Pheasant Tails - Red Tip 4-12"
GPT4   Golden Pheasant Tails 04-10"
GPT5   Golden Pheasant Tails 10-16"
GPT6   Golden Pheasant Tails 16-20"
GO   Goose Feather Pad
901   Guinea Plumage Dyed Feather Boa
GQ   Guinea Quills (25 Pieces Per Order)
108   Hackle Boa - Badger(Check back in JANUARY)
120   Hackle Boa - Dyed Colors
108FR   Hackle Fringe - Badger(Check back in JANUARY)
120FR   Hackle Fringe - Dyed Colors
HP3   Hackle Pad Color Combination
HP4   Hackle Pad Natural Colors
HP2   Hackle Pad White
HP1   Hackle Pads
HPIN   Half Pinwheel
LA16-20   Lady Amherst 16-20"
LA20-30   Lady Amherst 20-30"
LA30-40Side   Lady Amherst 30-40"
LA30-40Center   Lady Amherst 30-40" Center
LA4-10Side   Lady Amherst 4-10"
LA4Tip   Lady Amherst 4-12" Red Tip
MA   Mallarduck Pad
10   Marabou Boa - Heavy
15   Marabou Boa - Heavy w/ Black Iris
12   Marabou Boa - Heavy w/ Iris
11   Marabou Boa - Heavy w/ Lurex
05   Marabou Boa - Lightweight
5002   Marabou Fan
5023   Marabou Fan Alternating
5024   Marabou Fan Mardi Gras
5004   Marabou Fan with Dyed Pheasant Tails
5003   Marabou Fan with Peacock
MF   Marabou Fringe Fur-look-alike
4002   Marabou Jacket with Short Sleeves
7003   Marabou Muff
MP   Marabou Plumage (By the Bag)
MP-lb   Marabou Plumage (By the Pound)
1003   Marabou Shawl with Tails
M25   Mask 25
M10   Mask 10
M100   MASK 100
M101   Mask 101
M102   Mask 102
M103   Mask 103
M104   Mask 104
M105   Mask 105
M106   Mask 106
M107   Mask 107
M108   Mask 108
M109   Mask 109
M11   Mask 11
M110   Mask 110
M111   Mask 111
M112   Mask 112
M113   Mask 113
M114   Mask 114
M115   Mask 115
M12   Mask 12
M14   Mask 14
M15   Mask 15
M16   Mask 16
M18   Mask 18
M20   Mask 20
M21   Mask 21
M22   Mask 22
M23   Mask 23
M24   Mask 24
M26   Mask 26
M28   Mask 28
M30   Mask 30
M31   Mask 31
M32   Mask 32
M33   Mask 33
M34   Mask 34
M35   Mask 35
M36   Mask 36
M38   Mask 38
M40   Mask 40(Check back end December)
M42   Mask 42
M43   Mask 43
M44   Mask 44
M45   Mask 45
M48   Mask 48
M49   Mask 49
M50   Mask 50
M51   Mask 51
M52   Mask 52
M55   MASK 55
M60   MASK 60
M65   MASK 65
M70   MASK 70
M75   MASK 75
M80   MASK 80
M85   MASK 85
M90   MASK 90
M95   MASK 95
960   Nagorie Boa
960FR   Nagorie Fringe
NA   Nagorie Pad
103DZ   Nandu (By the Dozen) 18"-24"
103PC   Nandu (Per Piece) 18"-24"
NBDG   Natural Black Pheasant/Dyed Guinea
701LFR   Natural Chinchilla Schlappen Fringe(Check back later)
602LFR   Natural Red Furnace Fringe
602L   Natural Red Furnace Saddle
62   Ostrich Boa - 2 Ply (Lightweight)
72   Ostrich Boa - 4 Ply (Heavyweight)
75   Ostrich Boa - Chinchilla
74C   Ostrich Boa - Three Color
74   Ostrich Boa - Two Tone
79   Ostrich Boa w/ Burnt Coque
76   Ostrich Boa w/ Iris Lurex
73   Ostrich Boa w/ Lurex (4 Ply)
OD   Ostrich Drabs
8002   Ostrich Fan
8003   Ostrich Fan Double Layer
8004   Ostrich Fan Extended Length
OP   Ostrich Feather Pad
60   Ostrich Fringe
98DZ   Ostrich Plumes 08-18" (By the Dozen)
98PC   Ostrich Plumes 08-18" (Per Piece)
99DZ.   Ostrich Plumes 18-23" (By the Dozen)
99PC   Ostrich Plumes 18-23" (Per Piece)
100   Ostrich Plumes 23-28" (Per Piece)
97DZ   Ostrich Spads (By the Dozen)
97PC   Ostrich Spads (Per Piece)
PDER20   Parried Dyed English Ringneck Pheasant Tails 20" and UP
PNER20   Parried Natural English Ringneck Pheasant Tails 20" and UP
PP5   Peacock Eye Pad Bleached
PP9   Peacock Eye Pad Bleached and Dyed
PEAF   Peacock Feather Fringe 6-8"
PEAF1   Peacock Feather Fringe 8-10"
PS10-14   Peacock Feather Swords 10-14"
PS15-20   Peacock Feather Swords 15-20"
PS20-25   Peacock Feather Swords 20-25"
PS25-30   Peacock Feather Swords 25-30"
PS30-35   Peacock Feather Swords 30-35"
PT10   Peacock Feather Tails 10-12"
PTBL10-12   Peacock Feather Tails 10-12" Bleached

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