EST. 1948

141 Lanza Ave,
Building 31, Unit 3C
Garfield, NJ. 07026
Business Hours: 8am-3:30pm (Monday to Thursday)

Phone: (718) 391-0331
Phone: (212) 391-4110
Fax: (973) 630-7711

Welcome to our website. A little history of our company: we are a family run business, with a sixth Generation, George and his son Ben now the seventh generation in our expanding feather business. We are in the same location for over sixty one years, occupying two complete floors. We have gone thru orders via Mail, Telephone, Telegram, Cable,Fax and now E-Mail. We have kept up with times and given our utmost attention to all orders. Whether small or large you get the same detailed attention.

Thru the years we have supplied: Las Vegas, Atlantic City, Broadway Shows, Many Circuses, Cruise Lines, Clothing manufacturers, Mardi Gras, Carnivale, Parades, College Theatre, Off-Broadway, Television, Movies,Fabric Stores, Major Chain Stores, Fashion Magazines and General Advertisements, Television Talk Shows, Millinery, Parties, Costume Shops, Bridal Salons, Lingerie Manufactures, Craft Stores, and various major designers.

These are only some of our constant customers.

We also sell to customers that need One boa or Feather or Mask. They get the same attention.

When our customer ask for a order to be ready on a specific date, we will only take the order if WE KNOW THAT IT WILL BE DONE ON TIME. We will not take an order and promise a date, and when the date comes say I am sorry but we need more time. If we give a date IT IS FINISHED BY THEN if not sooner.

We offer the three necessities of a reliable business: Quality merchandise, Low Cost, and

Speedy delivery. We carry only the finest quality feathers, the most competitive prices, and ship fast as possible. We can ship the same day on many of our orders if given early enough in the day.

We do not force our customers to give minimum orders. We do not charge extra for RUSH orders. We do not make you feel unimportant if you give a small order.We value each of our customers the same.